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Extremus Indi

I have purposely held back from writing a review about Indi, as I really wanted to have some time to get to know her properly first. I have owned dogs all my life and I can honestly say that Indi has the best temperament of any dog I have ever owned, or possibly ever met.

There is no doubt in my mind this is due to both Darren and Jacqui's total dedication towards bringing up each and every one of their dogs to individual client requirements with all pups starting their bespoke foundation training programme from day one.

I was definitely not your average client, and as I'm sure most people looking into buying a Belgian Malinois are aware, this breed really isn't for the inexperienced handler, of which I suspect I qualify. This did make me a little nervous at first knowing I was taking on one of the world's most highly intelligent and highly driven breeds. My concerns turned out to be ill founded - Indi has been nothing short of a pleasure to have in and around the house and promptly became the best of friends with my nine year old daughter Sophia, who spends lots of time helping me with some of her training. In fact, Indi will listen to commands from my daughter just as well as she does from me.

Another minor concern I had was our existing dog, a French Bulldog called Charlie, who can be a challenge from time to time but is now getting much better after seemingly learning from Indi what behaviours we expect from them in the house. From day one, they have played and got on like brother and sister, further testimony to Indi's fantastic seven months of foundation training and well balanced temperament. This being said, Indi is no walkover, we had an unknown man walk down our driveway one Sunday afternoon taking a shortcut into town, Indi instantly went forwards barking letting him know he was not welcome unless otherwise told so. A quick recall and she came straight back to heel without any delay or dispute - needless to say, the man in question decided to walk back from the direction he came - cue lots of praise for Indi.

Since taking Indi into our home, I have followed Darren and Jacqui's continued guidance. They have always been more than willing to take phone calls day or night to make sure any questions I have are dealt with as efficiently and quickly as possible - It has worked wonders.

The single most important piece of advice that I believe has contributed the most towards a so far successful handover - 'Don't set her up to fail. Set her up to win'

A huge thank you to both Darren and Jacqui, I couldn't be happier with Indi.

All best,

Jonathan O-C
NFC Group