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Andy, Agnes and Nevo

Darren and Jacqui


First of all may a give a big thank you for seeing Nevo at such short notice.  It was certainly an eye opening experience and an education.  This is just a quick update on Nevo's progress so far.  All I can say is we seem to have a different dog!  We purchased a slip lead as recommended and multiple frankfurter sausages and so far have made immense progress.  The lead works wonders and he learns very quickly that pulling and excitement to other dogs results in discomfort so much so that I have been able to pass dogs, still keeping a reasonable distance with very little problem.  I have met friends out with their dogs and have been able to hold conversation with Nevo sat by my side.  The high value reward system is working a treat.  Agnes has been on a few walks with me and is aghast at his improvement in such a small time.  We appreciate its still early days but have a new found confidence that we have a very intelligent, non aggressive GSD.


Again many thanks for your time and knowledge in helping us with Nevo    



Andy, Agnes and Nevo