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Lorraine, Lynwood and Exiee

Exiee is doing amazingly well.  I cannot thank you both enough as you saw something in her that “TWO” previous so called “dog trainers/behaviourists” didn’t and that was her “positive” side and she was just insecure and not aggressive which we had been told she was.  I know we came away from you with hope in our hearts because we knew that with a lot of hard work and dedication, we had/have the makings of a lovely dog and not this aggressive monster we were made to believe we had!


Exiee’s not only grown width wise, ha, ha!!, she’s more loving, playful and doesn’t seem to chew or bark as much as she used to which is great!  When I tried playing hide and seek with before she found it a little scary but now she absolutely loves it which is brilliant – all this in just a few short months is just beyond words!  I’m so proud of her, I could burst because if it wasn’t for you and Jacqui giving us that little glimmer of hope, I don’t know where we’d be with her today, so thank you so much!


Over the last few months we’ve been socialising her with other dogs with the help of this absolutely superb young lad called “Sean” - he’s amazing with her and she seem to have taken to him which is the main thing as she’s not too keen on men because of her past owner as you both picked up on by her reaction and stance that she could have been mistreated by him!  As she was doing so well with other dogs, she was good enough to go the “Doggy Day Care” which Sean runs and she’s been fantastic – from the very first time she went she was “a dream of a dog” according to Sean and now she goes a couple of times a week to go walking/mixing with other dogs/people and it’s working a treat!  BUT and I say BUT it’s still down to you both for giving us the confidence that day we met you, it could have been so easy to have just given up on her and handed her back but god knows what would have happened to her if we’d done that!  I love her to bits and will keep on helping her gain the confidence she needs to become the dog she deserves to be – a happy, confident, cheeky girl!


I’ll keep in touch so that I can keep you informed of Exiee’s progress as I feel you both played such a big part in helping her and helping us to mould the rest of her life - correctly!


Once again, thank you!


Take care and all the best



Lorraine, Lynwood & Exiee J