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    At Extremus we specialise in Residential Dog Training Courses, where we treat your dog as part of our family.
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    Our personalised dog training programmes are specifically tailored to suit both you and your dog’s individual requirements.
  • Personal Protection Dogs

    Extremus are expert trainers and suppliers of Protection Dogs and Family Personal Protection Dogs.
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Customer Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers ...


  • Phil, Theresa and Extremus Bravo 23 January 2017

    We are so proud. We have taken over the privileged position of ownership and continued development/training of Big Boy "BRAVO". He is without doubt an Extremus dog for which Darren and Jacqui should be...

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  • Alba and Vortex 07 September 2016

    I sent my dog Vortex all the way from Barcelona (Spain) to Extremus Dog training for a 4 week residential training. From all the local and international services I finally found what I was looking...

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  • Extremus Indi 10 June 2016

    I have purposely held back from writing a review about Indi, as I really wanted to have some time to get to know her properly first. I have owned dogs all my life and I can honestly say that Indi...

    Read more: Extremus Indi

  • Colin Baulf MBE 06 February 2016

      Darren combines both an approachable and inviting personality with a strong professional work ethic and is well versed in all aspects of working dogs and training even to a member of the general...

    Read more: Colin Baulf MBE

  • Andy, Agnes and Nevo 31 December 2015

    Darren and Jacqui   First of all may a give a big thank you for seeing Nevo at such short notice.  It was certainly an eye opening experience and an education.  This is just a quick update on Nevo's...

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  • Meg and Pepper 07 November 2015

    Darren and Jacqui Wow...! We learned more in 2 hours than we thought possible. What you shared made perfect sense and most importantly the dogs love every minute. So to anyone considering pro...

    Read more: Meg and Pepper

  • Lorraine, Lynwood and Exiee 07 October 2015

    Exiee is doing amazingly well.  I cannot thank you both enough as you saw something in her that “TWO” previous so called “dog trainers/behaviourists” didn’t and that was her “positive” side and she...

    Read more: Lorraine,...

  • Norma 01 April 2015

    "A big no huge thank you to Darren & Jackie for visiting us at home to help us understand & address our 4 dogs personalities & behaviour, the difference after 2 hours is nothing short of a miracle &...

    Read more: Norma

  • Sam 01 April 2015

    "Just wanted to say a big thank you Darren and Jacqui for the training you gave me to teach Sam today! Look forward to bringing him to your classes. Thanks again Elaine and Sam"

    Read more: Sam

  • Dylan 01 April 2015

    "Many Thanks to you both for an excellent training session today. Dylan is very pleased that his owner is now trained!........ Gillian and Dylan"

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  • Extremus Ellie 01 April 2015

    Hi Darren & Jacqui, As it has been a few weeks now since we have had Ellie, we thought you might like an update on how she is doing. Ellie has settled in really well and as you can see from the...

    Read more: Extremus Ellie

  • Cooper 12 March 2015

    "Hi, I just wanted to drop you an email to tell you about Cooper , I can't believe the change in him. This morning he licked Anaya with such affection, I had her with me on floor he came up to her...

    Read more: Cooper

  • Thank you 06 January 2015

    "Thank you for coming and giving us the advice and tools to work on with our dogs. You made us feel we can do it . The tools you taught us will be invaluable to help our dogs. Thank you again."

    Read more: Thank you

  • Vikki 17 November 2014

    "Many thanks to Darren and Jacqui for inviting me to spend the day at Extremus Dog training - very interesting and very informative! A very impressive approach to dog training. Thank you both for...

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  • Mr Harris 17 November 2014

    "Can you believe it Mr Harris sitting calmly - can't praise Extremus Dog Training enough, ok we have a way to go with Mr Harris before allowing him to run round the animals on his own as think he...

    Read more: Mr Harris

  • Ollie 17 November 2014

    "Just want to give a massive thank you to Darren and Jacqui for today's training session with Ollie, I have learned so much that I will be carrying on with all of the advice and guidance that you...

    Read more: Ollie